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Debbie Kuster from Dogwood Trail Kennels stole a $500.00 deposit from me! Do not give this woman a cent she pretends to be nice, even religious and to have the perfect dog for you..I gave her money...then she snatched it immediately through pay pal and she will not give me a dog or my money back.

DO NOT GIVE THIS WOMAN A CENT! and have to waste time like I do trying to get it back through my credit card company or suing her.

She has no morals or ethics and does not care about anyone or anything ( I even confided in her that this was a hard time for me) she only cares about one thing MONEY for herself! Another breeder told me she is a commercial kennel where anything goes!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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See her own comments. Nut


they are now since the bad reviews.

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States #1197443

Thank you.


They run a puppy mill. The dog had all the typical signs, red paw (from never being out of the cage), full of bugs, smelled of urine and ***.

they are the most unprofessional people.

Debbie is a horror to deal with.

Bloomington, Illinois, United States #962441

I had a great experience with this kennel. I purchased a Japanese Chin puppy named Kyle from them 7 years ago and they were very professional and courteous people.

They also sold me some of their guineas just because I was interested in them. I don't believe your story about her stealing your money.

And she did have the perfect dog for me. He's my little angel.


Print off this page and show her reply to a judge.


Are you kidding? The #3 comment left by the breeder, shows a very, unprofessional method of dealing with customers.

No matter who is at fault here, that type of command is not cool. Good Luck to both of you- you will need it.

Tony, Wisconsin, United States #221930

You can redeem yourself by doing the right thing and return my $500.00 !!!!

Tony, Wisconsin, United States #221754

just be happy Ms. Kuster :) that your not behind bars...YET!

No hard feelings it is just "BUSINESS" as you say ....But, suspect it is your god called GREED at your door. I feel sorry for your poor little prisoner dogs that you may have behind bars...........Fortunately there are ethics and consequence in life for lowlifes like you.

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